REDFALL – Angry Review – SCHLECHTESTES SPIEL des Jahres 2023!?

If I had to go through this you have to go through this you’d watch the whole video because this game is bad this is top game worst game Contender we it’s so bad we had to bring him back that’s right guys thank you for your support

Thank you to G fuel for getting us our own flavor this one really helped on this bad game Triple A grab your own tub 30 off right now I hope you are ready to enjoy this yelling Fest headphone user warning enjoy until the next time check it out I’m a vampire Wait a minute that was the [ __ ] boss are you kidding me Arcane with the actual [ __ ] is going on here who the hell am I why do I have these weird super powers are you going to explain that why is everything so goddamn easy what is happening I I don’t understand I

Don’t understand what’s happening foreign so with the Activision deal Under Fire you need more people to adopt The Game Pass uh-huh oh I think I can help you for a price what standard price oh no Mr Spencer I want twice what I did for you last time

All right all right then here’s what we do we take a bad game from a studio of yours and I’m talking awful barely playable not worth a tenth of a normal AAA title we’re talking bad Graphics awful gun play a piece of [ __ ] UI miserable story and characters and

Terrible music you know I don’t know techno Jazz pop trash well I guess a few spooky strings here and there and then we mark it up to 70 dollars yes yes yes up to seventy dollars but then but then we make it free with your little game pass

Ed away anyone with half a brain will sign up for Game Pass and then and then they’ll forget to cancel like everyone always does with all subscriptions The other people the Geniuses that were presenting a deal would simultaneously scamming them morons are gonna actually give 70 bucks for something worthless and we can even charge 100 to people even stupider than that Arcane the reputation of the studio Phil I’m an evil soulless corporate genius not a miracle worker someone has

To be thrown to the Wolves if we’re gonna make some goddamn money get unfucked it up yes what an easy concept a [ __ ] zombie game only with vampires instead of Zombies how do you screw that up well apparently royally if you’re Arcane Austin what a massive pile of [ __ ] it

Has been a long time since I played a game this bad crash I skipped them no you didn’t you God damn it God [ __ ] damn it not since the days of ride to Hell say something Wrong 21 hours oh my God what was this guy thinking mind Jack my mind Or Sonic Free Riders ah ah are We Done Yet we had no less than 27 crashes between all four of us stupid enough to try to play through the game all the way through over multiple days can’t play one more than one [ __ ] mission without the [ __ ] thing crashing every [ __ ] five seconds

And that’s not an exaggeration we had 27 [ __ ] crashes [ __ ] this piece of [ __ ] failed to connect post left the match and now I’m looking at I don’t know my crotch it clearly was not ready for any sort of mass consumption yet here it is released as one of the Xbox’s awesome exclusives

What a colossal [ __ ] up that’s [ __ ] 11 crashes now I’m not gonna take a [ __ ] 12. I swear to God if you [ __ ] crash one more [ __ ] time that’s it no more worse it’s from a studio that’s otherwise known for high quality titles or Kane Austin titles like Dishonored

Dishonored 2 and the critical darling 10 out of 10 IGN and every other game journalist favorite games death Loop a new high watermark for Arcane and developers of similar games to Aspire to defloop is a game like Nova If oh you bet your ass they touted their accolades every freaking trailer um so Arcane is known for excellent story and gameplay like you guys make some really Magical games that just bind those two together so well it becomes more and more party like of course and so it’s our probably our

Closest to being a party game you know but um yeah thanks for coming by Harvey thank you we can’t wait to hear more about red fall soon for me redfall represents our most ambitious title that we’ve tried to do here in the Austin Studio ever like it was straight out of a postcard

And now they lay this turkey where are you going I’m right here you should be [ __ ] ashamed and I want my money back this thing is a [ __ ] Shaw it sucks this is the fifth time we’ve had to go to the [ __ ] main menu to [ __ ] play with our [ __ ] friends

And yes I did get it on the game pass so I want my fifteen dollars back for this month for putting me through this now please you know drive over there and yell at him hey RK Not Dead get my money back I see your asses in there that’s it you Bruce Gary

Have that janitor open the door give me my seventy dollars I can’t imagine if anyone actually bought it at retail full price because you some people can forget from time to time it is criminal that this is even being sold at that price full seventy dollars as if this is true next gen

Same go home and being cautious okay we’re not strong enough to break open plates is this gonna close for you OJ my game does not load doors it’s so next-gen that they had to slap a sticker on the back of the [ __ ] box because it couldn’t even handle 60

Frames per second that it promises there it is 60 FPS performance mode not available at launch because it says on the Box 60 frames per second which would be false advertising which means they would get sued what the [ __ ] is that not confirmation that your game is not finished and that’s not

Counting the abomination of a hundred dollar Edition where you get a what what do you get a steel book case a [ __ ] patch four skins two DLC Heroes in the future are you [ __ ] kidding me that has got to be the worst value special edition ever this game is a hundred

[ __ ] dollars red ball bike back addition the game bites back because it’s a piece of [ __ ] it’s filled with bugs filled with bed bugs biting you bite back hundred dollars bite your [ __ ] wallet considering the rancid diarrhea this [ __ ] thing turned out to be hell even

If it was good that would still be a crap deal oh [ __ ] three gotta keep moving man God damn it Joe so what is redfall exactly right is it like a cool vampire version of Left 4 Dead as it initially seems no it says is I don’t

Know it’s apparently it’s more like Far Cry as the devs like to say themselves so you’ve specified that redfall will be more like Far Cry than Left 4 Dead So how will that be reflected with free playability once players beat the story I I guess because it’s somewhat open

World and you pull your map up in front of your face before you fast travel other than that it doesn’t really have a lot else in common with Far Cry a far better franchise wait you have a door release that doesn’t exist on my screen you opened it I know that’s weird whatever

You should be outside playing in the sunshine instead of watching this [ __ ] what these are the cutscenes [ __ ] cheap ass are you serious what are we doing here just have them move You have all the characters let’s move we just got a guy playing the Bongos naked what is your major malfunction little brother Instead everything is told via these single frame collages what the [ __ ] God damn it now I understand what you meant by babylon’s fall this is babylon’s fall cut scene so no don’t sit right with me they’re using the local radio station to lure folks the shipyard you should be

Outside playing in the sunshine instead of watching this [ __ ] I’ve been used the actual in-game models but they were too [ __ ] lazy to actually move and animate them every single cut scene before a major mission is like this and it reminds you how little effort and how awful the game’s story is

Ah it’s not it’s so [ __ ] still images again I thought it was gonna be moving pictures do you know what a [ __ ] movie is Arcane it is not still images it is moving images from the clinic I know it’s lame isn’t it I need to get

Back to the fire station Hollow Man is just some guy from the clinic I guess they’re made they’re realizing the game is lame too like a rough draft of a story a first idea but just banged out without any revisions vampires take over a small town why the government doesn’t just

Attack them with a [ __ ] military or I don’t know nuke them from orbit it’s just ignored vampire should have died too because uh ex-boyfriend isn’t doing anything oh the gas station is daylight oh [ __ ] it is good it is daylight did the game forget about though they’re

[ __ ] about their own stories their own stories chase me I was like what the [ __ ] they through stupid [ __ ] notes left littered all around the [ __ ] place and when I mean littered all around I mean every [ __ ] where with the most stupid mundane messages of all time faces Extinction in the face of

University budget cups and the looming Y2K fears without new funding 1999 will likely be the annex years last year of operation graduate students are already what do you think I was telling you about the meteorological studies and what the [ __ ] revolution of the Doppler radar technology has done for this Center

What what I don’t get it what is happening seriously this is the best effort no I’m done this is ridiculous I I can’t do this hello gamer what seems to be the problem what seems to be the problem yeah you don’t [ __ ] see there’s 500 [ __ ] problems just look

Around but first off I mean the biggest one is the [ __ ] story where is the goddamn story who the [ __ ] am I what is happening oh it’s right here okay a trash can a [ __ ] trash can this is a trash can look [ __ ] garbage it’s garbage look

This garbage has a message for you let me read that attention citizens of redfall there are vampires here ah that’s spooky scary isn’t it no it’s [ __ ] not well we also added some humor here check that one out this one just says fart oh man I love fart the Zoomers are gonna

Love this another Mega hit for arcade foreign To the [ __ ] story at hand and and that’s if you can even interact with the [ __ ] interactables because those will often stop working randomly this one this one doesn’t read this this note won’t open Joe read this note can’t open it can you open it yes all right we’ll see

Joe screen what’s it say I went ahead to take some of those toys from the Tower Storage to Golden View mobile Community by the shipyard I hope that something that something off your plate okay now when I try to open it oh okay well that’s cool there are times where you’ll find a

Story memory God I hate this [ __ ] Trend in games where you sit there and watch two static character models just stand in place and narrate what happened before as if the still [ __ ] frame cut scenes weren’t enough this whole [ __ ] game stories told this way and all of it

All of it is [ __ ] boring you wanted to speak these psychic Echoes suck thank you for meeting with me I appreciate I uh well I talked with some of the other orderlies and of course yes pipes I’ll let everyone know wow I really needed to know that information

And what one do you want to say when you hear my voice this is so [ __ ] painful not not a connection player and the game’s World there is no urgency to do anything there is no compelling narrative there’s no [ __ ] nothing no I hear a vampire sighing

Sighing because he’s in the game of all the games to be in this one I gotta go get him so the story is [ __ ] how is the actual gameplay Loop well you’re supposed to fight vampires with friends only every enemy in this game employs an absolutely brain dead AI

System only capable of the most basic of tasks on top of that Arcane is known for AI that is sight and hearing based and so even if your game is not a hardcore stealth game having an AI That’s like that just generates gameplay it’s like that kind of AI is

What we do whether it’s prey or death Loop or Dishonored or redfall no matter what the rest of the structure of the game is that gives you a lot of dynamic gameplay right there it’s procedural in nature you know Joe you have nothing that kills vampires

Get closer yeah Jesus yo are you kidding me with the [ __ ] AI he was just attacking you the whole time now he’s confused because you went behind him Joe you are one sneaky [ __ ] that’s all you gotta do man oh my God this is [ __ ] games excuse me sir oh [ __ ] excuse me

Smiling he’s looking at you now he’s like what would you want what were we doing oh man oh no he’s gonna fight out your heart well [ __ ] you’re gonna let him talk to you like that on top of that Arcane is known for AI that is sight and hearing based

Worse every [ __ ] fight in this game is exactly the [ __ ] same yeah it’s the same thing they got some under bosses so I’m sure oh my God so on top of the shitty story they’re doing the repetitive Mission design that that that Dead Island 2 suffered there’s gonna be some other variations

No the first fight you do is basically what you will be repeating a hundred times over it goes like this pick a mission from the mission board you have to go to the mission board too everybody has to be there I’m here though it doesn’t matter which branch you go

Down because there aren’t actual Branch paths okay they’re fake branching pass and and you do a clear out enemies fight then you do a few more of those clear out enemy fights uh until you get to the end of the branch path then progressing further is locked off until you open the

Safe houses of which you have to clear out enemies to do then when you open up the safe house you go and open up an underbossed Mission by doing a clear out enemy’s Mission and then you get to fight the Airy underboss and here’s an example of one of those missions let’s

Check out this game’s bosses all right here is the boss vampire reached the night manager you all righty better be cool wow what an awesome boss that was a great boss battle man oh I missed it I got a full necklace you missed the boss battle yeah they’re an absolute joke every single

Underboss is killed instantly even on the highest difficulty where’s the boss boyfriend do something oh here’s the boss curator ghoul I killed her immediately the fire station for the next submission foreign top 10 boss fights 2023 so he drops the skull and in order to

Progress to the final boss of an act you need three skulls yup so that means three more safe houses with three more clear missions to get to the three more other boss [ __ ] heads okay there’s there there he is right because him right there Billy Billy felch you did it

I weren’t shooting him before right you did it we’re just shooting it around the culture that boss went down in five seconds that’s how the bosses have all gone on this is the highest difficulty too now repeat this in act one two and three with no [ __ ] deviation that’s

The [ __ ] game and then it ends there’s still path Left To Tread no no no there’s not you will never get a budget to do anything related to redfall ever again and thank [ __ ] God I’m still out there good yeah never ever subject players to that again

There’s no [ __ ] way there’s gonna be a red fall too [ __ ] awful should be ashamed of yourself absolute utter garbage oh and I can’t forget to mention that the final [ __ ] boss of the game can be defeated by pressing the F button three times the literally the final boss

Mechanic was holding B three times what untouched that [ __ ] the tether doesn’t even attach to him yeah it’s I don’t know JJ stink that [ __ ] I got your ass everything I can’t look at that direction ah [ __ ] OJ describe it to me but she had a half a whole health bar

What the [ __ ] just happened that was the most Jank oh he did he did it oh you don’t actually shoot that boss no so they they [ __ ] that boss battle up even more than all the other boss of battles you son of a [ __ ] you piece of [ __ ] I’m not joking the final boss is killed by pressing f pay your respects to this game’s brutal death at the hands of the developers complete laziness I mean they didn’t even want to properly finish their own [ __ ] climax why should we even bother from the creators of Dishonored and prey

Making each game different from the last but we’ll focus on deep World building and incentive game mechanics deep World building one day vampires took over a town then they fought each other the end the greatest variation you will have is uh if you piss off The Vampire Gods too

Much by killing enemies or by setting off car alarms I didn’t even know you could actually uh fast travel which are those areas uh windy stead is to the right I found with no uh the gods are watching me the vampire guy is gonna piss off because of car alarm

This is a [ __ ] Petty Gods then they’ll get mad at you and send Rook after you oh rook’s fighting me I can’t go back oh yeah we can’t during brookstorm oh God damn it okay did you just kill him yeah he is he was up there with you yeah yes the

Maritime it’s because we’re on the hardest difficulties why are you so tough yeah but we are on the hardest difficulty yeah yeah that’s why we’re so hard who is stupidly easy to kill but at least drops legendary loot towards the end of the game each time he’s killed midnight

As for the characters and their abilities they’re all [ __ ] stupid after stuffed rattle in the church lost and found I [ __ ] hate the music in this game maybe more goat milk or oat milk [ __ ] this is a DJ Mushmouth production like he put some respect on his name how

Dare you put respect on his name DJ must not even [ __ ] make this [ __ ] how much how much how much each character is supposed to get like I don’t know two ability and ultimate ultimate but when you get [ __ ] like an umbrella I can’t get out of this stupid umbrella animation

It’s an umbrella I can’t take out my guns I don’t want to be this guy because he sucks because I can’t get out of this stupid umbrella spell I can’t even switch to any of my guns wow wow interference never-ending spell power yeah I can’t take it off I can’t even like

Do anything else or an elevator being dead would bother me a lot more I think you’re so cool with your elevator yeah I feel so powerful whenever a fight happens and the only thing I can do is pull up an elevator or have an umbrella that doesn’t do anything

A chrome it sounds like a robot nothing to do with getting real that’s for damn sure blood suckers it sucks let’s go chicken [ __ ] and this guy’s such a [ __ ] [ __ ] to his little bird it’s not endearing it’s just [ __ ] stupid ah [ __ ] minds to blow your friends up

All [ __ ] game being a troll as if I can’t see them I don’t give a [ __ ] excuse me Alex mine’s abilities are way cooler than yours yeah yours is the best I can’t even watching can you not just not just well all the humans are dead and of course calling in your

Ex-boyfriend calling a favor from your ex-boyfriend Jason who happens to be a vampire that sounds stupid is that your ex-boyfriend yeah and then he disappears on you yeah that’s it yeah that’s why he’s my ex that’s right you broke up yeah stupid [ __ ] because

You love me I I mean God these are just lame as [ __ ] what okay what are you doing we’re under attack by vampires no Alex what are you on the phone for a moment hey Todd it’s it’s me Jennifer yeah I I know we’re not together anymore but um

Can I ask for a favor no this is not a booty call I’m not gonna let you smash let’s go I’m on the throne I’m trying we need help we need reinforcements I Todd you better come over here and do this all right I did stuff with you I’ve done with no one else if you don’t get your ass down here I’ll

Tell you Mom the real reason why you carved all those holes in the bar soap And I want to say that the loot is the best part of the game but the guns you use none of them are really all that fun there’s pistols rifles shotgun standard [ __ ] and then there’s vampire stuff like UV light guns where you you shine a light on them

To shine the light on them to death you do turn them to Stone that’s kind of cool euv rays Yuri Gun Works good against the vampires somewhat and there’s a standard stake gun which is really effective against pure blood vampires but I mean that’s about all oh no vampire That was intense without the king destroy Gloria during the key to Wellness was the achievement I just unlocked I just got the key apparently that was the boss I guess cool I mean the best part of the game is below average by today’s standards and

The rest of the game well the rest of the game is [ __ ] am I getting electrocuted oh okay yeah I got you ladder I can’t go up or I can’t go down I’m stuck constant T posing of characters do you see this guy’s t-posing zero so he’s supposed to be dead

Oh he’s wearing a red shirt for you right right next letter for me I got a green shirt excuse me excuse me sir do you know where the [ __ ] uh zombies are at or I mean vampires my bad oh my God he’s dead constantly getting stuck in the levels a joke

I’m still waiting for the punch line no I can’t I’m stuck [ __ ] all right I just spent four thousand dollars to not get ammo oh my God two in a row failed bugs broken progress bars all right back on defend this chick Chickering substation until everybody get closer unless the

Mission is [ __ ] broken on the objective thing it shows a decimal number it shows 25 percent oh it’s just the UI yeah the UI is broken 30 wow it’d be nice if we had a map that 65. I think the enemies have stopped spawning bethesda’s [ __ ] DRM uh nobody [ __ ] uses Bethesda took

[ __ ] an hour cause of [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] and why is the screen smaller than it needs to be glitches Galore I think this guy’s not moving we killed them all oh it makes the oh it makes the whole game glitch when you go into his body oh yeah well what the [ __ ]

Frame rate drops constantly for this for these [ __ ] graphics and crappy lighting damn Joe where’d you learn those moves Michael Jackson damn that’s that might be a level above Michael I’m sorry dude you can forward moonwalk YouTube it’s freeway and randomly your sound will just stop working yeah I don’t hear any gunshots

Or anything yeah that’s what I’m saying I shot OJ in the head he didn’t even know nope I did not um that’s fun I think the game is broken huh oh check it out the no sound bug again because the game is completely finished and totally done no additional work necessary

It is in release state this is embarrassing a completely empty and repetitive world it’s a that’s a powerful piece to me it’s like wow I feel like I’m in a living world yeah cool I’m so glad this is an open world that I can explore nothing and just run for hundreds of meters

Look we hope when I get there oh this game is just empty for no reason I’d rather learn how to drift why why is everybody going in on random directions oh because there’s mountains mountains God damn it I’m really excited about the setting of the town of

Breadfall there is no way up here this mountain is just padding time that’s what they are for man I’m so tired the whole [ __ ] that’s it I’m right go around we don’t want to go around we just want to go straight in line with huge mountains in your way

Literally padding for time it’s decades-old gameplay with crap Graphics I I don’t know and why are all the costumes furry [ __ ] I I don’t get it what the [ __ ] my werewolf skin I guess this is stupid oh you get to be a furry that’s good look even if they polished the hell out

Of it and fixed all the bugs it still would be a bad game completely boring and not worth it 70 purchase price for all of the reasons I detailed here it never challenges you never lets you be creative it is slapped together in the worst way and pushed out the door this

Could have been a cool idea a zombie game only instead of zombies you kill [ __ ] vampires hell make a game with both vampire zombies and werewolves that that would put in some variation that this game sorely lacks and this just ain’t it Chief and and at this level of

Quality if this is what we’re gonna see from Bethesda and Microsoft and their partnership going forward we are totally [ __ ] hell even Phil himself had to apologize for this piece of [ __ ] I’ll start and I I’ll hit I’ll hit red fall but I’ll just say all up um there’s nothing that’s more difficult

For me than disappointing the Xbox Community just to kind of watch the community lose confidence be disappointed I’m disappointed um I’m upset with myself uh I I kind of make a revisit our process you know I think back to the announcement of 60 frames per second and then we weren’t

Shipping 60 frames per second that was kind of our punch in the chin rightfully a couple weeks ago and then seeing the game come out and the critical response was not what we wanted um and it’s it’s it’s disappointing oh well we never got a [ __ ] peep from

Arcane Austin themselves redfall is our effort to take what Arcane does well a hybrid of uh first person games and RPGs and stretch ourselves a little bit does this work in the open world does it work both solo and with Co-op players can we take all our narrative layers and our

Improvisational mechanics and our style and spread that out across an open world I kept waiting for some kind of statement some kind of admission of guilt or a semblance of remorse or sorry but nope business as usual over there something that’s also been nice about the vampires being the the antagonists

Is that they’re not mindless they’re not just let me run and eat your brain right so they’re actually thoughtful they are a bit more of a predator and also humans are terrifying right so the cultists and Bellwether are they’re they’re also more tactical so yeah they take cover you know they

Flank you all those good things well the other thing is like yeah they take cover you know they flank you all those good things they take copper you know they thank you it took a ton of bad decisions to get a game to this point and it’s all laid

Bare here play testing what play testing there’s no [ __ ] way a damn person at that studio played this game before release and said yup we’re proud of this one shame on you Arcane shame on you Bethesda oh did I crash what the [ __ ] happening I did failed connect yeah

Oh [ __ ] I just opened the door [ __ ] foreign and how the hell do you make a co-op game where the progress only saves in just the whole save file so the torture that you went through is rendered useless in your own game just another casualty of modern gaming you expected

This feature to work sounds like you haven’t heard of a little thing called modern gaming we’ll fix it later well [ __ ] that and we’re gonna get an ever increasing amount of these pieces of Unfinished corporate garbage like this until we put an end to this [ __ ] finish it later mentality stop

Supporting these AAA developers who do this and instead support more Indie developers hell I want to go back and play more Dead Island 2 rather than subject myself to more of this crap I beg Joe for the next zombie game if this is what it’s like to play a vampire game Hey Joe

Do you wanna play a vampire game the final verdict for Bethesda and and Microsoft’s redfall is a [ __ ] two a [ __ ] two out of ten foreign I hated all 12 hours I had to play his [ __ ] gameplay [ __ ] story [ __ ] character [ __ ] Graphics [ __ ] performance and [ __ ]

[ __ ] only for the most brain dead of looter shooter fans who will accept and literally play anything what motivation do you have to tell us it’s fine but needs fixes if it needs fixes how is it fine you [ __ ] use your brain so tired of people accepting garbage it’s barely playable

You’re telling me the same team that made Dishonored and Dishonored 2 made this piece of [ __ ] what the [ __ ] happened to you again you’re embarrassing my city you’re embarrassing my city from a triple a studio that was getting eight and tens like candy this is unacceptable I’ll get I’ll give you the

[ __ ] two after you give me the stability patch and it only gets those points for having I don’t know a vampire concept and basically all the other small tiny all right pieces like the environment assets the blood trances they’re cool environments that’s about it the asset modelers did their job you

Know uh the the [ __ ] that the artists worked their asses off to have the rest of the team just [ __ ] all over but man I’m even more pissed because I had to stop playing Star Wars Jedi Survivor so I could finish this piece of trash I

Never want to play this broken piece of [ __ ] again I’ll see you guys on the next Angry Joe show if you excuse me I’m gonna try to get everybody’s money back Hey Joe you wanna play [ __ ] vampire game are you [ __ ] serious we added some humor too check this one out

This one just says fart that gets me every time God damn it don’t be [ __ ] that was a perfect day I can’t see him I’ve got to crash all over me oh [ __ ] No no no I am a vampire all right he’s coming we’re gonna be dead by then oh hey Todd Foreign

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